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The travelers had been isolated from the fractal world during the construction of the Hedron-ships. Through the wormhole that connected the real world with the dream world, a new route appeared that led the travelers directly to the base where the Hedron-ships were built. A corrupted traveler, piloting one of the ships, has allowed the hijacking of all the ships by the crane spiders that embedded themselves in their structure. Many travelers upon realising this are trying to free the Hedron-ships from the crane spiders before they destroy The Base.

Produced, mixed and mastered by Mazare - Video by Jess Allanic

Arriving at the base through a fractal wormhole, Blake activates his transmitter to make contact with his double, who awaits him on board one of the Hedronships. Realising that his double, along with the hedronship, has been corrupted and hijacked by the inorganic spiders, he tries to re-establish the connection, which keeps getting cut off. Other travellers like him have started a fight with their controlled doubles, that are trapped in the hedronships inside of the crane spiders. To avoid further destruction, Blake keeps trying to make contact with his double and wake him up, to free all the Hedronships once and for all, and to destroy the control tower, where the inorganic spiders operate and handle the spider cranes.

Starring Blakeeleven - Produced, mixed and mastered by Mazare - Video by Jess Allanic

In essence, the story of Oportunista is about facing the mistreatment of those who pretend to help when in reality they seek their own benefit. And here’s a recap of the story told in the first two chapters: In a world where travel between the real world and the dream world is possible, spaceships have been built to unify them: “During the construction of the Hedron-ships in the Fractal World, a new wormhole route appeared, connecting the real world with the dream world and leading travelers directly to the Hedron-ships Base. However, a corrupted Traveler allowed Crane Spiders to hijack all the ships, prompting many other travelers to attempt to free the Hedron-ships from the destructive Crane Spiders. Upon arriving at the Base through a fractal wormhole, Blake activates his Hedron-Radar to contact his Energetic Double, who awaits him aboard one of the Hedron-ships. Unfortunately, Blake's Pair has already been corrupted by the Inorganic Spiders embedded in the Hedron-ships. While other travelers are engaged in a fight with their corrupted Pairs, who are trapped in Crane Spiders inside the hijacked Hedron-ships, Blake attempts to re-establish contact with his Pair. He continues trying to wake his Pair up in order to free the Hedron-ships and take care of the trapped Travelers and their Pairs. Ultimately, their mission is to destroy the Spider's control Tower, where the Inorganic Spiders operate the Crane Spiders.”

The never-ending conversation between the dreamer and his dreamed counterpart, is a vicious circle where being Free To Be Lost is the only way to find the exit from this virtual labyrinth. When he discovers that each dream could be the last battle of his life, the dreamer must keep Hunting for the opportunity to face the petty tyrant (Tiranito) who subjugates him in his dreams. Conscious of being fragile and Ephemeral, he realises that someone is dreaming through him. This idea creates a short circuit in his brain making him feel sick and angry. This lairy (Belicoso) state prevents him from seeing what he really needs in order to reach (Alcanzar) a point where he can begin to control his dreams. When he sees a girl being attacked by strange lightning and fireballs, he feels as if he's dreaming of someone playing a video game inside of his own dream. He understands that she’s a dreamer, just like him, facing a Trial to make a choice: to quit or restart the game. This makes him wonder if the real dreamer is his Other Self. Like Mafalda, the girl in his dreams continues to talk, so all The Odds of understanding what's really happening to him seem to disappear. She's talking about a kind of human POP(urrí) that never gets discouraged, but he still doesn't understand until a Euphoric encounter with the unknown appears to him, like an Orange Blast.

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