British alt-rock band CALVA LOUISE release the title track of their self-produced Mixtape OVER THE THRESHOLD, the band's definitive step towards their next concept album to complete the story told in their two previous albums. In a fantastic 3D environment created with the software Unreal Engine by front woman Jess, the actors show us the parallel world of fractal technology: “It deals with the fight against energy predators to avoid having to stop every time we face an imminent danger." This fourth video is the direct continuation of the music videos “Third Class Citizen”, “Feast Is Over” and “Square One” released earlier this year. So far Calva Louise have released two Albums, several singles and EPs, a few collaborations, the "Rhinoceros" comic book, "Euphoric The Movie" a 45-minute hybrid movie, and many official videos mixing appearances of the band with animated scenes created by Jess using the softwares Unreal Engine, Blender and After Effects, linking the lyrics of their songs with the story of their videos.
Calva Louise is a multicultural British band from Venezuela, France and New Zealand, aiming at London’s underground live scene and driven by the creative vision of Jess since their beginning, end of 2016. They soon started supporting artists like Razorlight and Albert Hammond Jr. and played iconic festivals such as Reading & Leeds in England, Riot Fest and SXSW in the United States and Rock For People in Czech Republic. (Photos by Jazz Myatt)